About Burger With The Lot Design

Welcome to the home of Burger With The Lot Design. We’re making your world more delicious with the colourful and critter-filled art of Lenny Pelling.

Lenny is a published author and illustrator, skilled graphic designer and has been totally (and expensively) addicted to art for pretty much all of her (ahem…swallow) 40+ years.

With a deep and abiding love of animals, nature and pencils happily brought together here, Lenny creates whimsical critters from all over the world (and sometimes just her brain), blurring the lines between human and animal, art and life.

She also has more than 50 titles to her name as an illustrator and four as writer/illustrator. Check out some of her work at Penguin Random House Australia. And stay tuned for new publishing projects in the not too distant future.

And while Lenny’s first love is to fill your world with critters big, small, weird and wonderful, she also likes to give businesses and their passion projects the delicious Burger With The Lot treatment. Check out our range of design services here.

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