About Burger with the lot and Lenny Pelling

So what’s all this about burgers? Well, we don’t make burgers here, or food of any kind. But we do know what it is to make something truly delicious.

Have you ever thought when treating yourself to a gastronomic delight, ‘this meal is so delicious! It is heaven in my mouth. Nothing could possibly make this better!” and then added bacon, or Persian fetta, or aioli and discovered a whole new level of heavenliness? Creating that mouth-watering, unforgettable reaction is the ethos behind Burger with the lot design and illustration. Make it rich, make it custom-built, make it reflect your very you-ness and, most importantly, make it impossible to forget.

Lenny Pelling, Burger with the lot designer and illustrator (or Bȕrgermeistress, if you will), has well over a decades’ experience making stuff look awesome. She is an artist, a published author and illustrator and has worked in graphic design and marketing for business, publishing, and not-for-profit/community organisations. Trained in fine arts and segueing through short film and theatre design, Lenny’s illustration and graphic design work is underpinned by a love of all things carefully crafted.

This is not fast-food style design. This is not cheap illustration. This is a bespoke, special, heartfelt and lovingly custom-fitted service that is perfect for you. Because you care about your work too.

“Lenny is agile and happily adapts her style to her client’s needs. I’ve seen her respond to the most complex or lacklustre brief (often my own!) with a clear-eyed and evocative solution.”

Stuart Gibson – Director, Book Design Australia and the Open Group

Lenny’s publishing work includes the award winning Pen Pals Forever series (Random House Australia); the popular X-zone series (McGraw Hill/Wright Group in the US and Scholastic AU/NZ); and two of Steve Irwin’s Ultimate Factivity titles (Hinkler Books).

e-Learning resources include Capacit-e mental health e-learning (Mental Health Coordinating Council) and Learning and Teaching Scotland.


  • 2015 – Emerald Award for Bitesize e-learning design – iDX Learning by Design
    (Winner – Language of Mental Health Recovery/Mental Health Coordinating Council)
  • 2010 – Best Early Reader – Kids Book Review
    (Winner, Pen Pals Forever: Summer Days – Published by Random House Australia)
  • 2003 – Series Design – Australian Book Design Awards
    (Shortlist, X-zone – Book Design Australia/Laguna Bay Publishing)