Lenny began drawing from day dot and her love of animals has lasted just as long. Raised on a steady diet of David Attenborough and art materials, her future as a whimsical artist and designer was a foregone conclusion.

In addition to her growing collection of critters, Lenny can custom create lush and unique ‘pawtraits’ of your furred and feathered family members. If you’d like a truly unique and beautiful art gift, get in touch.

You can also Shop Burger Products on Etsy or visit Lenny and the whole fuzzy gang at a market event near you. Check our Facebook events page for upcoming markets.

A sugar glider is swooping down and about to land with a plop on a very tasty looking pink lollipop. An ant honey ant is sitting on the lollipop and is very surprised.
Short beaked echidna making a wish by blowing on a dandelion. The seeds are spreading out in the air all around. An any is riding on one of the flying seeds.
Crested crane with long legs on roller skates and flapping its wings
A bright, pink flamingo walking fast and confidently in profile. She is wearing a sheer, blue scarf and bright blue snakeskin platform shoes with teal ribbon laces.
grey white and yello cockatiel with crest up and wings slightly lifted, looking excited.
Tawny Frogmouth bird sitting on top of a rusty, old-fashioned mailbox. The expression on its face is slightly fed up.
a female emperor penguin looks down at a little blue or fairy penguin who is approaching her excitedly. The little penguin is dressed in a puffer jacket, beanie and scarf.
Close up of Eastern Blue-Tongued lizard with its tongue slightly sticking out. The lizard is looking up to the left where a garden snail is crawling down the edge of the frame.
Grey and white greyhound with David Bowie style Ziggy Stardust lightening bold on face