Michelle Everett – Official Visitors Program, NSW Mental Health Act 2007

Lenny has the lot. She listened carefully to what we needed, anticipated what we hadn’t considered and delivered in a short time frame. She remained flexible and adjusted the details (and our last minute additions) with good grace and efficiency. Thanks Lenny!

Rhian B – Private Artwork Commission

My words will not fully express how talented I think Lenny is. For years we have been considering a family portrait when we stumbled across her work at our local market. Well. All I can say is we started with one piece and ended with four amazing pieces of art! I would recommend Lenny a million, trillion times over. Sorry if this is a bit much Lenny but it had to be said! Seriously amazing artist! Seriously!!!

Amy C – Private Artwork Commission

I could not be happier with how my brother and sister in laws 30th Birthday drawing turned out. I wanted something one of a kind that they could treasure forever and Lenny captured everything I wanted. You are a genius Lenny. Will definitely be back.

Lisa J – Private Artwork Commission

Thank you so much for the three absolutely awesome and unique Alice inspired illustrations you created for my daughter’s birthday. She was so excited when she saw them, and in her words; ‘these are the best pictures ever!!’ What I like most about them is that they’re something that she can always have on display, no matter what age she is.

Thank you also for taking on board her requests and turning this around in time for her birthday. I now have her brother and sister demanding illustrations for their bedrooms.

Martine Langoulant – Full Circle Conversations

Running your own business calls for all sorts of skills, and as a ‘one woman show’ I’ve discovered talents I didn’t know I had. Sadly, graphic design and ecomms publication are NOT on that list. Enter Lenny Pelling! With her wonderful capacity for really listening to my vision for my business, and her wisdom about the training sector I work in, Lenny not only crafted some visually appealing marketing products, she also provided me with sound advice on campaign planning and delivery. Lenny is the whole package – a creative who can hear what you need, join you in your vision and support you to achieve it.

Jill Webster – Professional Storyteller/Puppeteer/Performer

“Lenny Pelling manages to combine creativity with great organisation skills.  She is always well prepared, meets deadlines and has ideas and solutions to the problems that leave me floored.  The poster presentation she designed for an international conference showcased my work beautifully; a brilliant balance of information and eye catching design.  In short, Lenny Pelling made me look great! (Thanks!)”

Stuart Gibson – Creative Director at The Open Group

“It’s been my privilege to work alongside Lenny in her capacity as a freelance illustrator, writer and designer since 2003.

Her vivid, charming and rich illustrations have been the major part of over 50 titles developed in collaboration with Book Design Australia. Under the direction of our clients, she has delivered a broad range of styles, including character illustrations, fine-art paintings and diagrams. Each book was a Herculean task, and Lenny worked with attention to detail while meeting every deadline. Each was a credit to her planning and project management skills.

Lenny’s writing for young people reflects her own warmth, wit and sensitivity, while remaining crisp and accessible. Her personal illustration style—best seen in the ‘Pen Pals’ series she devised, wrote and illustrated—gives her characters an appealing air of optimism, curiosity and gentle eccentricity.

It’s easy to see that Lenny is artistic, but her creativity reaches beyond the page. She’s adept at seeing solutions to intractable problems—whether in the layout of a book, or in devising more productive, client-focussed ways for our team to collaborate.

She is insightful, she works with a deeply humane spirit, and is generous to a fault. I commend her to you unreservedly.”

Jenna Bateman – CEO, Mental Health Coordinating Council

“Lenny has been a pleasure to work with over her four and a half years with MHCC in both a marketing and graphic design capacity. She has brought more creativity and flare to her role than we could have hoped for, in particular our award-winning Capacit-e Mental Health Recovery Suite of e-learning modules. Many people have commented on the quality and appeal of our resources, publications and promotional materials which is, in large part, thanks to Lenny’s input.”

Meagan Blandford – Kids Book Review

“The Pen Pals Forever series is a gorgeous set of books to share with the early reader in your life, sure to invoke lots of giggles, discussions and original ideas. It really is lovely to see – such strong, likeable characters that feel so real they sneak in to find a comfy little corner in your heart.”

(Pen Pals Forever – Summer days)